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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are favourably important disciplines in modern-day education. These empower students in so many important ways. Science and Mathematics provide answers to the fundamental questions of nature and create awareness of the world around. STEM disciplines of knowledge measure, analyse, design and advance the physical environment and upscale the quality of life. Expertise in STEM subjects is necessary to drive our economic ambitions, support innovation and provide the foundations for future prosperity. Knowledge-based economies are particularly dependent on the quality and quantity of STEM graduates. Modern democracies require scientifically literate citizens to make informed decisions regarding major global issues such as climate change, sustainability, energy and food security.

NED University of Engineering & Technology is one of the oldest and highly reputed engineering institutions in Pakistan which launched a STEM-based course including ROBOTICS. A relatively new startup to embark on a journey to use robots to teach different concepts of STEM-based education, programming, mechanical design, etc. All of these robotic chips are locally designed and manufactured in Pakistan. The NED team initiated proper training sessions to further launch STEM-based programs for the students. These programs are geared to help students to build their careers and develop the entrepreneurial skills to own their home-based businesses even.


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