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Food And Nutrition

Food & Nutrition functions as an active contributor in developing students culinary skills. A well-designed curriculum is present with a fully functional food lab. The activities are in parallel with regular Food and Nutrition classes. The state of the art food lab was completed in February 2020.

A streamlined academic structure of the Food and Nutrition department is in effect. Activity-based teaching methods are used with practical and theory classes. Assessments, projects, quizzes and virtual learning on Google classrooms are part of the evaluation framework. Classes are held in a hybrid model way with the students learning through live video demonstrations with plenty of hands-on experience.

The development of a practical manual covering the CAIE Food and Nutrition curriculum is also in progress.

Rules and regulations are followed for the proper protocol in the Lab. All movement of items and consumption is recorded in the register to ensure good inventory management practice is in place.

To ensure the purchase of good quality and cost-effective equipment and crockery for the Food lab, the procurement team visits the markets and superstores.

British Council exam venue selection team also visited the Food Lab to potentially recognize it as an Exam venue for CAIE Food and Nutrition Examinations.

The Food & Nutrition department is a key contributor to not only enhance student knowledge and competencies but also open up diverse avenues of study and work.


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